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Oil bottling for third parties

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Mountain Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olearia Sanfilippo company for several years already, provides third-party oil packaging and bottling solutions for individuals, companies, restaurateurs or retailers.

Before being bottled, the oil is stored in special stainless steel silos and, after natural decantation, undergoes chemical organoleptic analysis to identify the acidity and quality of the extra virgin. Our packaging and bottling solutions are divided into two packages: 'basic packaging' and 'all-inclusive'.

The 'basic' package includes:
- the packaging of oil alone
(bottles, caps, capsules and labels must be provided by the customer)

The all-inclusive package includes:
- oil packaging and bottling for third parties
- design, production and printing of customer-branded oil labels;
- choice of media to contain the product;

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Oil bottling for third parties

The most commonly used and readily available containment media for contract oil bottling solutions are:


An extremely comprehensive service, starting from graphic design through to delivery of the finished product. The graphic realisation of the customer's branded labels takes place directly in our company. The Sanfilippo oil company undertakes to produce various drafts drawn up according to the customer's preferences, in order to proceed with the subsequent printing of the labels. Moreover, before moving on to the printing process, we also give the customer the possibility, whichever package he chooses, to create small batches according to his own requirements.


The 4 phases that characterise our service

bottling and packaging of oil

The first step

Storage and decantation

It is a process of fundamental importance before proceeding with the bottling. Initially, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks, to facilitate the decantation process. The latter takes place using natural decantation methods in order to preserve the quality of the oil. Following the decanting process, the oil is decanted into special silos and filtered to remove further impurities.

stoccaggio olio e decantazione
riempimento extravergine di oliva per imbottigliamento olio conto terzi

The second step


Before proceeding to the filling phasethe bottles are subjected to compressed air cycles to remove any foreign bodies. Subsequently, they are filled by means of a special pumping system. The latter is equipped with air systems that guarantee the correct quantity of oil in each bottle.


The third step


The capping process takes place by means of a semi-automatic mechanism, in which a rotating head inserts the cap and automatically threads it.


tappatura imbottigliamento olio conto terzi
confezionamento olio conto terzi

The fourth step


Labelling is one of the final stages of the contract oil bottling. The bottle, by means of sensor-driven conveyor belts, drives the capping machine in the first step. This inserts the security and authenticity seal on the cap. Next, there are rollers along the belt that attach the labels to the bottles. At the end of this last step, two brushes clean the bottles.


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