Since 1878 we have been producing

extra virgin oil

of olive 100%


Cold Extracted Only from Sicilian Mountain Olives

The value of a centuries-old tradition

The secret of our oil lies in the history of our land

Our oil is born in the hidden heart of Sicily in a unique territory between the mountains and the hills that bears witness to a thousand-year history.
Our olive trees grow in the Sicani Mountains territorya unique place located in the exact centre of Sicily. An ecosystem that is very different from most of the other Sicilian oils bordering the sea.

Our products tell the story of our love for our land for more than three generations

Ancient origins for a unique oil

Olio Sanfilippo is the fruit of a long agricultural tradition of love for the land. It was born from the passion of Sanfilippo Family who for three generations of oil millers have carried on the business started back in 1878 by their grandfather Salvatore.

Discover the selection of

specialities of our land

with an authentic flavour and the fruit of centuries-old traditions

Learn about production processes

for quality extra virgin olive oil!

The Sanfilippo oil mill has, since ancient times, enhanced the quality of its oils through careful selection of the best olive cultivars in the area and by paying great attention to the production processes. It is thanks to the care of all the stages that we can guarantee year after year a production of a superior Italian 100% extra virgin olive oilwith a delicate flavour and particularly fruity taste.

estrazione olio


The selection and harvesting of olives is one of the most important steps in the production process of extra virgin olive oil. Our preferred method is the brucatura method.

pressa olive macina olio extravergine


After harvesting, the olives are brought to our oil mill. Here they are washed, and crushed. the resulting product passes on to the kneading stage.

silos olio stoccaggio


During this resting phase, the residue settles to the bottom of the vessel and the oil becomes clear spontaneously.

imbottigliamento olio extravergine di oliva


Extra virgin olive oil for sale is packaged in sealed containers with appropriate labels and a capacity of no more than 5 litres.

The miller's advice

How to recognise the taste of a real extra virgin olive oil?

A virtuous chain that promotes our territory

How we produce quality oil from our local olives

Since its origins, the Sanfilippo oil mill has enhanced the quality of its oils through careful attention to production processes and the choice of raw materials: olives! Although the machinery has evolved over time, great experience, devotion and passion are still needed to continue producing a quality extra virgin oil. Ours is not an oil designed for large-scale distribution, it is a genuine niche product for connoisseurs. Bringing it to your table you will have the pleasure of experiencing the same Traditional and authentic Sicilian oil found on the tables of families in Sicily.


How to recognise an authentic extra virgin olive oil

Hi I'm Daniele Sanfilippo!

Many times I am asked how can we recognise a quality oil from a mediocre one? As a professional olive oil taster and miller, I will give you some valuable tips:

When choosing an extra virgin oil, it is essential to read the label carefully. 100% Italian is synonymous with quality oil. It certifies that both the olives and the oil extraction processes take place within our country.

When we want to taste oil, however, we must first look for the presence and balance of the THREE NOTES:
1) AMARO (characteristic elemental flavour of oil obtained from green olives)
2) FRUIT (characteristic of oil made from healthy, fresh fruit)
3) SPICER occurs in the throat, and it is that tingling note typical of those oils produced at the beginning of the campaign, when the olives are still green.

The presence of these notes determines their quality.
Extra virgin olive oil is the most suitable condiment for all age groups and all physiological conditions and lifestyles.

We must always be careful how we store our oil to preserve its beneficial characteristics. Extra virgin oil fears light and heat and likes cool environments. Exposure to light can damage its aroma and taste. It is necessary to store the oil in closed bottles and in a cool environment.

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